Our mission is to empower young professionals to explore the broad spectrum of healthcare fields.

In order to be a successful leader in the dynamic healthcare industry, it is critical to understand the many elements of the ecosystem, including providers, payors, biopharma, medicine, health policy, technology, and finance. It is our vision for viaHealth to help young leaders in healthcare become well-versed in areas of the industry outside of their professional role. We aim to empower the future leaders of healthcare by providing exposure via networking receptions, speaker events, online discussions, peer education, and community outreach.

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The world of healthcare is intricately connected and constantly changing.

It’s easy to become siloed in our respective industries, so viaHealth helps bring together young, passionate minds from all areas of healthcare. Through a mix of social and content-driven events, members not only can share their areas of expertise, but also learn from and connect with others to support personal and professional development. Events are held monthly in the NYC, SF, DC, and Toronto. Don’t live in one of these cities? Let us know where you’d like to see viaHealth!

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viaHealth is organized by a team of young professionals who are passionate about healthcare and building a community of young leaders in the field.

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